Our team DJ Event Promotions, Taste of Durham, Aria Convention Center along with our volunteers, are bringing to you a truly very HOT! event.

The Edmonton -CARIBBEAN WINTER FESTIVAL with a Taste of the Caribbean is a cultural/tourism event showcasing the culture, music, food, and dance while promoting a wide variety of local small businesses. The event features a food drive campaign which collects food for the Edmonton food bank, live steel drum ensemble, live calypso and reggae bands/artists, caribbean gospel and african gospel performers, caribbean and latin dance groups and more.

Event Organizer/Producer:

DJ Event Promotions

In short, Don Joyce, the founding promoter of the Edmonton urban music scene since the 80s, is the pioneering promoter also responsible for popularizing the local caribbean music and culture, independent rock scene, r&b/pop, and dance music, organizing close to 1,000 events. Including concerts, festivals, business expos, fashion shows and model pageants. In Edmonton and the Toronto area. Also previously utilizing the medium of his independent cable radio station, tv productions, and print magazine to provide a variety of talents with much needed exposure.